A Video is Worth 1,000 Pictures ...

Memories are much simpler to remember when captured on camera. It's true. Think about how many embarrassing moments you've had in your life, and how you would've easily forgotten those moments if it hadn't been for Kodak. In fact, your parents probably have albums full of pictures called things like "My First Bath" and "Photos of Brian on the Potty." Yikes!

I think we're all thankful that when we were teenagers, e-mail forwarding didn't exist.

Today, photos are easier to take than ever. Instead of having only 20 pictures per roll on your old Polaroid, you now have memory cards that can store up to 17-hundred-billion photos—which is about half the number you took last Christmas. You can store them on your computer at zero cost, browse through them and delete all the ones where you're giving the wonky eye.

Technology is a wonderful thing.

Some cameras, like ours, even have the option of recording short videos. This, of course, leads me to last night. As my wife was off doing unimportant things like cleaning dishes, washing laundry, feeding us and putting together our new two-ton fireplace cover, I spent my precious time doing something 100-times more valuable: learning how to use iMovie on my MAC. This program allows you to create edited videos with unbelievable simplicity and gives you the opportunity to immortalize your daughter while completely ignoring her as she eats your shoe. Had George Lucas known about this program, he probably could have made Star Wars: Episode 1 for about $20.

Anyway, after about five hours of playing with options, fooling around with effects and yelling at the computer, I finally came up with three and a half minutes of video that are sure to make my wife and daughter proud. So without further ado, please join in watching my directorial debut. Eat your heart out, Spielberg.

(Note: There's music involved. Plus, you may have to pause it at first to give it a minute or two to load. And be sure to watch until it's completely over. It's worth it.)

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