How Many Hairbands Can You Find

hairbands I don’t know about you, but around our house we have a game that’s developed over the past couple of years that far surpasses the fun of Candyland or Twister or the Can-You-Change-Into-Your-PJs-Before-I-Count-To-10 game. There’s no board involved. You don’t need a spinner. All you need is a house full of daughters. The game is called “How Many Hairbands Can You Find” and the rules are quite simple:

1. Find as many hairbands as you can.
2. If the hairband is in someone’s hair it doesn’t count.
3. If the hairband is put away (HA!) it doesn’t count.
4. You are not allowed to count a hairband that you left out.1
5. First one to 10 hairbands wins.2

I play this game every day at our house. No matter how much we clean or how many hairbands I put away, there’s always a minimum of 10 lying around. Sometimes they are in obvious places, like the nightstand next to your daughter’s bed. Other times they are in more unusual locales, like the fridge. But if you’re willing to look hard enough (and by “hard enough” I mean “simply open your eyes as you walk around the house”) you’ll be a fierce competitor. In fact, our house is nearly spotless right now, but I guarantee I can find at least 10 hairbands. I will prove it to you using my handy camera phone. Here we go.

#1 On the Mantle

#2 On a Nightstand

#3 On the Bathroom Sink

#4 On the Breadbox

#5 Around the Remote

#6 In Your Sock Drawer 3

#7 Around a Cup of Milk

#8 Inside a Diaper

#9 In the Timeout Corner

#10 Hanging From the Clock

I have no idea how long this game will last, but we’re going on 5 years strong now with no signs of slowing. And I’m sure there’s a comparable game when it comes to boys, substituting something more boyish for hairbands like miniature race cars or boogers. But at my house it’s nothing but hairbands, 24/7. On the upside, it’s the one game in my house that I can win.

Well, I also dominate at Scrabble (pay no mind that my opponents are all under the age of 6).

1 Admittedly this rule benefits men in the family who generally don’t fiddle around with hairbands, but dads who have daughters deserve a few advantages every now and again--after all, we occasionally get stuck with hairbands in what little hair we have left thanks to daughters who like dressing us up.
2 This usually takes about 95 seconds.
3 Seriously, how’d that get in there?

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